Greetings! Thank you for visiting my website. I love to make jewelry, explore the world and play in the dirt.

Ifetayo Artwear is the name of the line of jewelry that I design and create which incorporates traditional beads and patterns from African and Native American cultures. Ifetayo Artwear makes a statement while complementing the beauty of the wearer through the use of bold color combinations, various textures and patterns. 

Ifetayo is a word from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria that means “love is a gift” or “love brings happiness” and definitely expresses my love for making jewelry. It is my hope that the wearer is able to get a sense of the joy I feel when creating various pieces.

Another one of my passions is travel. Although I enjoy traveling throughout the United States, I enjoy going to other countries and experiencing other cultures the most. One of my favorite things is to find beads and crystals that are found in the country I am visiting. I enjoy eating the local cuisine as well.

In 2019, I launched Waistbeads n Wine as a way to hold space for women to engage in the soul-stirring work of unpacking the “waist within” and manifesting their dreams and desires. In this workshop, women are guided through the power of setting intentions, educated on the use and selection of healing crystals that align with their intentions and instructed on how to create their own waistbead that is fortified with their energy. 

I am the curator of The Grown Ass Mama Tour™, an annual retreat for mothers and caretakers which is held Mother’s Day. During this time, we visit a serene part of the world and relax through yoga, massage, hiking and other self-care practices. This retreat creates safe spaces for women to unpack, heal and rejuvenate themselves, often using the healing power of crystals and the peace found in nature.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I currently live in the metro Atlanta area and enjoy cooking and gardening. I also am the mother of two amazing young adults.

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